The First Ever Blog post at


There is always the first ever. The first ever man to walk on the Moon, the first ever landing on Mars, the first ever website called CERN and so on. This blog is a homage to those popular first ever subjects and be its own first ever blog on Gainbuzz. I (Gainbuzz blog) will try to acquaint you with my house called Gainbuzz. So first of all to all you readers a very warm welcome from Gainbuzz and thank you for visiting us in these scarce times.

Hey Gainbuzz is made to do that only, to utilize these scarce times better, by giving you the best platform to help you advertise. This blog is a mere reminder of how Gainbuzz is a nascent tool for easy advertising. Explore the potential by experiencing easy advertising here. I am going to appear very frequently here on blogs page to familiarize you with our work structure, presentations on easy advertising and keystones of advertising, so keep in touch and find great information on advertising in particular and in general.

It’s time for me to finish now. See you in the next blog.

Happy Advertising to You!