Significance of Traditional Advertising


From door to door flyer distribution to ads on your phone, the choices in advertising are just limitless.

In this digital age one might consider traditional marketing mediums obsolete but ironically it’s quite the opposite. The traditional methods of advertising are still the most popular means of advertising. Radio, print and Billboards are the heart of advertising. They give the visibility to your product. They are also reshaping with the time, so let’s not mistake them to be ancient and outdated because of their presence since the time immemorial.

Billboards today are getting more and more reformed to excel the fashion in advertising, cross platforms and creative campaigns are just a few names that top the advertisement trend. They now have got something called the augmented reality which is really an amazing innovation combining physical reality and digital media. These billboards create a world of interactive media for better and more fun way of communication. The technology in printing has made it easy for advertisements to become more and more innovative to catch the attention of the audience and quite frankly it manages to do so. They have also started using QR codes in printing to give additional information on the product when scanned through a smart phone’s camera. The billboards are the giant ads that are just impossible to miss.

Another traditional trend which is still very powerful in communicating the message across is Radio. Yes, these distinctive devices are still one of the most popular objects today. Radio is just amazing, you don’t have to focus meticulously on it, it is right there constantly playing in the back of your mind. Radio Jockey’s personal commentaries that make listening experience enriching is still the major factor in radios. Lot of brands are using Radio to promote their products because the rotation and frequency of the ads along with diverse target audience it gives is unbeatable, due to the fact that it requires lesser attention, people can always afford to listen to it subconsciously while working on something else.

The print ads are never going to go out of fashion. The print medium has one of the largest circulation. From newspapers to magazines the reach of print media is just great in numbers. There are plenty of magazines and newspapers existing and being introduced writing to the mass audience in general or to a particular target audience. This traditional medium has been existing for a long time and is still going strong. Because of the technology it’s now easier to mass produce colored ink paper and let’s just say it has created a huge difference. Advertisers choose this medium very frequently for their effective ad campaigns and get a lot of benefits in return because of the massive reach that it has.

The traditional mediums are the core of advertising because they hold a unique value and effectiveness to them. With the new technology it has become possible to mass produce print and billboard ads and extend the radius of radio frequencies and they have become more powerful than ever suiting the current trends and demands in advertising.

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