7 Outdoor Advertising Hacks You Must Adopt in Festival Sales

While a lot of people believe that Internet-based startups will use online advertising is obvious there are few who are breaking the monotony. Giant Internet-based businesses like Flipkart, Amazon, Shopclues, and PayTM are constantly depending on hoarding advertisements for reaching out to their customer.  Outdoor advertising is an evergreen medium of reaching out to people; it provides businesses with the requisite exposure and also serves with a great brand building opportunities.

Outdoor advertising agencies are now working harder than ever on ideas, designs, and concept before putting a hoarding. Outdoor advertising has gained more popularity through relative competition; the concept where fierce competitors are taking on each other via innovative hoarding advertisement is helping people remember the brand names intricately.

Example: Housing.com put a hoarding advertisement saying “Look Up”, which happens to be their tagline but Commonfloor.com, a fierce competitor added a hoarding saying “Thank You for looking up to us”, this is the best example of popularity through relative competition.

look up ads by housing.com

Here we are going to share a list of 7 outdoor advertising hacks that you can adopt during festive season and boost sales:

1. Look for your popularity through relative competition:

Look for opportunities where you can put your competition under pressure and make the most of an opportunity. You can put up a hoarding similar to commonfloor.com and cash onto opportunities created by your competitors. There are so many examples of acquiring popularity through relative competition, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, Housing, BMW and Mercedes, almost all of them have been a part of this.

It is very important to keep a sense of humor when trying to cash onto opportunities created by your competitors; you cannot afford to offend anyone or get offended if anyone else does something similar with you. This is not only going to help your customer learn about you but will also tell them that you are actually the pioneer in your field. Such hoarding placements are going to help you establish your company as the Thought Leader in your vertical.

2. Get creative with newspaper ads:

Newspapers will continue to be the easiest medium of reaching people; getting creative with newspaper ads will help your business drive huge sales during the festive season. One can always combine relative marketing and try to take a dig on their competitor through newspapers as well. There’s a lot that can be done with newspaper ads. The trick here lies in keeping ads simple, straight forward and light in nature. You cannot try to belittle your competitors by using harsh words; you need to be funny and on point.

3. Market where your audience is:

It is important to put up ads where your targeted audience can see it. Do not waste time hitting arrows in the dark. Faasos recently placed ads on the backseats in buses because they knew that the modern, young and hungry generation is going to use these buses to reach home and relinquish their daylong hunger. Ola also managed to produce some of the best examples of marketing where the audience are, when they decided to let people know about their services in buses.

4. Don’t tell them, show them:

This is just amazing! How exquisitely the billboard suggests that TYLENOL helps you get back to normal. Tyenol is a salt-based tablet that cures a headache. The use of giant wreck ball to demonstrate the use of TYENOL is phenomenal. Not only hoardings, such things can be done using newspaper, printed pamphlets, and newsletters. Enterprises today need to look into everything and make the most of every opportunity.

TYLENOL ads hacks

5. Mix print ads with existing commodities and instill a sense of humor:

The ad below talks about a man who desperately needs to trim his nose hair. Well, Panasonic posted the ad for their nose hair trimmer. These unique advertisements made a lot of people laughs cringe but also provided people in need with a solution.

mix print ads hacks

Well, with hoardings you cannot try to be tricky or clever, you need to be smart and funny. The Economist posted the ad below; the bulb used to glow every time a person passes through the bulb, suggesting THE ECONOMIST provides you with great ideas.

Mix print ads ecomonist


6. Scaring people a bit to make them understand is a good idea also sell your business by sharing information:

This ad by Belt Up scares people by putting them up in a weapon but it has a very important message. Back seats are not safe and certainly not accident proof.

Belt Up ads

This clever ad by McDonalds not only tells people what the actual time is but also lets them know that they are Open. Mixing digital technologies with hoardings can lead some of the best outdoor advertising experience.

mcdonald ads

7. Express your Gratitude to your competitors or go the Amazon way:

It has actually happened in recent past. Mercedes thanked BMW on their 100-year anniversary saying “thank you for 100 years of competition”. Nascent startups can also use the same tactic and thank veteran enterprises for the amazing competition they are providing with.

Amazon placed these chai carts at strategic locations, where people always came together to discuss business ideas and plans. Amazon made it sure that people are aware of its online business development services by inspiring people to discuss business development.

Business ideas are everywhere, we just need to remove our stereotyped believes and see them. Amazon, Flipkart, and Ola are putting up some really interesting ads. We can always get inspired by these ideas and do something similar with this idea. The increased competition is coaxing enterprises to come up with new and exciting marketing ideas to claim their market-share. With small businesses moving to social media for marketing, startups, and veteran enterprises are cashing on to the left opportunities.

These unique advertising hacks are proven and have helped the good number of enterprises with sales during festive seasons. At the end of the day, everything lies in execution. You need to execute it well to drive more and more results from it.