How to Get Most Out of Your Hoarding Ads

With social media re-writing the rules of marketing and ushering the marketers into the digital Era, people have stopped trusting Hoardings. The decreased popularity of hoardings is not a fatal thing but an opportunity for many entrepreneurs to get noticed. It is the marketers who think that hoardings are dying but the common man is constantly hunting for new and innovative hoardings, every time he goes out of home or is stuck in traffic.

What are hoardings?

In simple words Hoardings can be defined as “outdoor advertising done right” but there’s a lot that takes in for the formal definition. It is a giant advertisement put up in crowded areas over the buildings. Hoardings are veteran but certainly the most effective way of reaching out to common man. Entrepreneurs who are trying to solve problem or make a better world for common man should depend upon hoardings because a common man with no access to TV or Internet is dependent upon hoardings for gaining perspective.

How reputed enterprises are getting the most out of Hoardings?

Well, with the advent of Digital Marketing a lot of marketers have moved to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. A huge percentage of marketing migrants consist of enterprises with low marketing budgets; enterprises have found an affordable marketing medium in digital marketing but companies with sumptuous budget are still hoardings with tantamount enthusiasm for marketing.

The future of hoardings is safe because the growing population is making people spend a lot of time in traffic and in public transports, which is no less than an opportunity to market products and build brands.

Reputed enterprises are popular and successful because they understand the need of users and build products for masses. They understand that it will continue to the biggest medium of advertising till the time people are coming out of their homes for going to work.

Analytics and data engineering has helped reputed enterprises acquire the requisite understanding about the use of hoarding and outdoors advertising. It will continue to be the biggest medium of reaching out to people because of the following reasons:

  • Sustainable investment
  • Visible from large distances
  • Reaches to your target audience on daily basis
  • Best way of building brand identity and then reputation

How in future businesses will make the most of hoardings?

Digital marketing is not only about social media marketing and search engine optimization but also about using digital technologies like LED Boards, LED Standee and LED Hoarders for reaching out to more and more people.

Use of creative videos and animations for enamoring people and building a brand identity; the world needs to be sure of one thing that hoardings are going to stay but print ads are going to evolve into digital screens with time.

The digital marketing agencies are making loads of money but outdoor advertising agencies are helping entrepreneurs hit the bull’s eye; here are some tips and tricks that can help entrepreneurs get the most out of their hoardings:

Six Word or Less:

A person who is driving or travelling in a bus is going to have less than three seconds for your hoarding. Three second is all that you have to market your company or product in the best possible way. “Six word or fewer” rule is going to help you leave an impact on customers.

Example: Indigo airlines recently placed hoardings, where they wrote “Sleep with your wife” and made people wonder; well the hoarding had additional lyrics in contrast size reading “same day return flights from all metros” but the four words “Sleep with your wife” made people cling to the advertisement and before booking flights a lot of people searched about Indigo.

Outdoor Hoardings are not for customer acquisition but for brand building:

You cannot make people come to you by publishing your contact number and email address on hoardings. Outdoor Hoardings is a secondary medium of advertising hence it requires something that makes people think about you. Hoardings are meant for brand building and certainly not for customer acquisition.

Use a campaign that helps people remember your name, feel your presence and identify your relevance. Once you have marked your presence in the sub-conscious mind of people, you can make use of more intimate form of advertising like print advertisement and radio ads for transfusing that sub-conscious thought into conscious mind. Do not try to be clever, keep it simple and smart.

Do not go for clever, try to be smart:

Outdoors hoarding that aims to be clever will leave people scratching their head while a boring hoarding will not even be considered. The deal lies in being smart and sweeping the floor beneath the foot; you have no other option that being smart; you cannot make a person stuck in traffic think about jargons or decipher hidden meaning. Hoarding advertising should make people smile and remember things. Being smart is going to help you because people will understand the problem you are trying to solve and it will certainly tell people about your target audience, which will add up to word-of-mouth marketing.

The art of creating a successful hoarding lies in Showing It and not in saying it:

A Hoarding is a visual medium of advertising but one should consider it to be a giant print ad. Do not talk about your products instead show them. Use creativity, involve new elements and demonstrate how your business is going to solve one of the most innocuous problems of modern time.

For example: See the image below, how amazingly Berger demonstrated what they do!


Gone are the days when being the first to launch was announced the winner; we are living in an era where someone who fills in the gap or solves a problem is announced the winner. Do not lose your targeted audience to startups that are new but passionate, indulge into creativity, use innovation and acquire new customers while retaining the veterans.