Festive Advertising for Festive Times

Festive AdsThere are series of days towards the end of the year that are immensely jovial, marketers usually express it by magnificent decorations, promotions, offers & discounts. The familiar voice of roaring firecrackers and magnificent sight of the sky filled with aerial fireworks serve as a token of these days. As this time is approaching and the joyous moments impersonating as festivals are going to be knocking on our doors very soon, today I will talk about the importance of India festive season in relation to your marketing and advertising campaign.

Festive season is the most important time span of the year, the season with continuous festivals following each other at the end of the year is nearing. This time period has numerous festivals celebrated by different groups of people with different religious faiths. Co-incidentally this greatly celebrated Indian festive season is also heavily occupied with weddings and other such occasions. So it is really important to try and not miss out this period of time because it generates footfall not just limited to shopping for festival but also for product buying related to other instances like weddings and others.

Normally, advertisers plan in advance for this festive season because it helps in generating business. Almost all the industries along with sectors relating to food, clothing and others like gadgets, are heavily engaged in these times.

This is the time when we usually see mega sales and buy one get one offers in advertisements. Around this time of the year marketers and business owners try and foster more merchandising for selling purposes. In order to do that, they also rely on special offers and heavily on branding. The branding I am talking about comes from advertisements, they are careful in choosing their target audience and the ads usually cater to them. Quite often the occasions are represented in the advertisement to create a connection between the product and the festival, ergo the advertisements too, if you recall have the impression of festive times. It is crucial to gain visibility on these times because shoppers actively seek for different products to buy at this time of the year and you cannot afford to miss out on the moment. So, plan your festive campaign for this year soon, before it’s too late…

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Happy Advertising to You!