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Dove’s new approach to advertising, unconventional for their product line is Original and Refreshing

Dove a popular cosmetics brand is expected to advertise beauty in all conventional manners. Beauty usually and sadly is in the whiteness and the youth. But what happens when these two conventional deciding factors are removed from the equation? Well you get Dove’s new approach then read more

Mural paintings to Pole Kiosks Airtel paints Ujjain walls red to promote their 3G during Kumb Mela

It is really important to connect to your target audience, and what’s a better way than using the heavily celebrate festival and associate your brand with it using imagery. Read what Airtel did to connect to their audience in their latest outdoor campaign

Rs. 150 Crore allotted for advertising and distribution by Parle Agro in 2016

Parle Agro is known for Frooti, the widely popular non fizzy drink is famous amongst all. The drink is also the one that is heavily advertised by Parle amongst its other products. 2015 saw a new Frooti and this re-branding had cost them Rs. 100 Crore and the outcome was quite… Read more »

Emoji as a language: From Packaging to In-Pack Premium Pepsi’s #PepsiMoji Campaign has left no stones unturned for their new Campaigns full of Emojis

Pepsi has rolled out their new media campaign especially for the T20 World Cup Celebration. With on ground promotions to re-branding Pepsi left no stones unturned to make this Campaign huge and powerful. What do experts say about the campaign? Read more  

Indian Media industry predicted to touch Rs. 2.26 Trillion by 2020 says KPMG & FICCI

The financial year has ended today and the predictions for Indian Media Sector is showing an immense growth in numbers and revenue, the report shows a very promising future with Indian Media Sector to touch Rs. 2.26 trillion by 2020. But who is the major contribute? Read more