Advertising in a simpler way!

This must have crossed the minds of every advertisers. How to gain maximum visibility for product? Well quite frankly it is tricky at first but once you start advertising you get the gist of it. First and foremost you need an advertisement, this advertisement should be impactful, delivering the message you want to deliver and easy to recall. Sometimes products are remembered by the ads, the most memorable ad that I remember and it’s still in my head is of the Vicco Products. The jingle, the age old film reel is so popular that the tune is automatically triggered on seeing the product anywhere. Now, there are lot of advertisements that generate this kind of brand recall value. So this is the first part.

The second part of advertising craves plenty of attention. This is the process of “advertising the advertisements”. That means to put your ad out in the world to public eyes and ears. This is a tedious process, it’s not just about finding the right means to communicate it also includes going through each of theirs chains of commands to reach the final stage where the ad is set in motion. Not just that but also visiting different places where your media assets are located to analyze them. Now, that is a tedious and extensive job to accomplish and that’s where Gainbuzz comes in. The entire process of advertising has been brought online and made simpler for both advertisers and media sellers here. The intrinsic details for acquiring media assets have been taken into consideration here and don’t think you won’t be able to view the media assets before you book it. The integrated map that Gainbuzz provides has all the location pinpointed with their images for outdoor advertisements and we focus on other platforms as well. These platforms include radio, events, print and transit. Choose and Book your media assets within countable clicks, that’s what our aim is.

Now anyone can sign up and learn the ropes of media buying and selling using Gainbuzz and can always seek help from the support team which is going to be there to assist you.

How Gainbuzz is simpler against the long lived advertising process?

Well there are lot of answers to this question. First and foremost it is online and soon to be available on the app as well. It brings the entire process of macro and micro management of advertising online and makes it less tedious because there are plenty of option to experience easiness in browsing through media assets.

Here, the advertisers and media sellers exist on the same platform and that’s why they can communicate to each other with no hindrances at all, ergo, it is faster, uncomplicated and cost efficient.

Choosing the right media asset is also easy, just shortlist the ones you like and it will be added to your list. We are well aware that different media assets belong to different owners. Here, you do not have to look for the trivial details related to media sellers’ companies, you like it, you shortlist it, Gainbuzz will take care of finding the details of that media asset owner.

Creating RFP and Proposals haven’t been simpler than this. Just type in the details the box asks for and you are good to go. Because it is online sending the proposal to various parties is only a click away.

Adding a media asset is also relatively simpler, fill in the details the box asks for and you will see your media asset listed in no time.

Just sign up and discover the potential. You can have a complete control over all the aspects of advertising here. If you haven’t already signed up just go to the homepage to do so or just simply click here.