Gainbuzz – A Transition from Traditional to Online Media Buying & Selling

“We are all now connected by the Internet, like neurons in a giant brain.”

– Stephen Hawking


The quote is pretty much self-explanatory. Internet has become a source for commerce, social interactions and an informant entity in the current society. Everything is becoming available online because it makes managing easier, cost efficient and faster against the age old methods keeping books. One cannot afford to work only in the traditional ways when the age demands an online presence for greater opportunities.

Also ironically since the beginning of time, time has been a scarce element. So in the age where “Time is money”- Benjamin Franklin, you might not want to misspend any of it on tasks that can be accomplished faster using the internet. The need of the hour is simpler and faster methods to communicate. This applies to all the sectors and most importantly the commerce structure. Everything is available online, or should I say almost everything because the landscape of “traditional advertising” (i.e. OOH, Radio, Print, etc.) still doesn’t have a potential online platform to make the process of advertising easy. Ergo, Gainbuzz has taken a shape to bring these media assets online for buying and selling.

Gainbuzz is an online portal for advertiser and media sellers where they can buy and sell media assets. The idea behind Gainbuzz is to bring the entire traditional methods of advertising which is from ‘looking for a media asset to booking it’ online to make it easily available for everyone. The need for fast paced communication and commerce has been the driving force behind Gainbuzz to make the process of advertising online which can suit the needs of the age.

Is the existing traditional way bad? No, it is not bad but at the same time it is not enough. The time and process it takes to unveil your advertisement to public ears and eyes is not only tedious but also comparatively expensive and slower.

On Gainbuzz you can discover all the important aspects of advertising and can experience online methods to acquire media assets for advertising which is undoubtedly more efficient than traditional methods. Learn more about Gainbuzz and how it can benefit you from here.