₹487 Billion worth Advertising Market makes India the 12th largest Ad Spend Country Globally

Advertising sector is gaining a lot of popularity in India. With new e-commerce websites and businesses for every possible objective can be easily found. To shop online you have got Amazon, to pay your mobile and DTH bills you’ve got Freecharge, you can also make a wallet of certain amount and spend it on things, likewise for advertising you have got Gainbuzz. All of them contribute to the immense growth in advertising and marketing. Increasing population in India comes with an increase in product demand and diversity. Numerous brands have taken up the work of distributing products to a general category or hitting a niche market to fulfill the demand. There are lots of companies and there is a constant competition in between them. For example there are three major companies Snapdeal, Flipkart and Amazon catering to customers with the same kind of product demand. We have also seen advertisement wars between them. This was an example of just three companies from the sea of thousands of other brands, retailers, e-commerce sites and malls. The primary focus is to seize the market and to capture it; the brand has to be visible. That’s where advertisements come in, be it online advertisement or Outdoor advertisement – they make the brand visible. With such competition the amount spent on advertising is also large. There are tons of advertising agencies taking up the work of creating suitable ads for the product. Marketing management and marketing strategy is also getting the deserved attention. And thanks to new innovation and ideas in online sector there are places where you can make marketing strategy and perform marketing management on your own with constant online assistance.

India in 2015 saw an increase in advertising sector by 16.3% in online advertising and outdoor advertising. Next year due to Olympics, UEFA Football Championship and other such events, it is expected to see an even greater increase to 18.4%. 2015 saw a raise of ₹68 Billion in advertising sector touching ₹487 Billion spent on advertisements making India the second most spender in Asia Pacific Region and 12th worldwide.

2016 is anticipated to become a bigger boom for advertising with Olympics and other such big events. Brands are going to make sure that they reach the eyes and ears of the people. India has a huge population and advertisements are made to be visible to them. It is believed that India will see whooping revenue of ₹576 Billion in 2016 with different kinds of media in advertising sector gaining more popularity. With perfect marketing mix, marketing strategy and marketing management, anyone can be visible to the right customers and the best part is that all of these facilities are available online.