An in-depth look at the issues surrounding cinema advertisement in 2017

In a world where companies advertise to increase their customer base or to spread awareness of themselves or their cause, you need to know what you are getting yourself into. Throwing an advertisement on the big screen expecting to make a killing, will not be wise. When you are advertising… Read more »

How cinema advertising can help grow your brand?

I recently went to a drive-in movie theater. They brand themselves as the second oldest grass drive-in in the world. They advertise themselves very well. The movie that I went to go see is a movie that people have waited for two long years. The advertisements before the movie were… Read more »

How radio advertising has evolved over the years


To understand how radio advertising has changed over the last century, you need to understand how radio technology has changed. Even though Marconi was officially recognized as the inventor of the radio; the actual concept of wireless communication can be attributed to everyone’s favorite mad scientist, Nikola Tesla. In the… Read more »

Seven Easy steps to writing a 30 second radio ad

Thirty seconds is not a lot of time to get your message out. You can do a lot of things in thirty seconds like enjoy a slice of pizza or guzzle down a drink on a hot day – but hopefully not all at the same time! That may cause… Read more »

The Only Radio Advertising Guide You Will Ever Need

Radio has a weekly reach rate of 93% among Americans. This means that there are more people listening to the radio than using any other medium(surprising, i know!). That even means you can effectively reach more people than are playing on a smartphone – because people playing on a smartphone… Read more »

7 Hacks to optimize your magazine advertisement

Businesses pay a lot of money to get their advertisements into premium print media such as magazines. It makes sense, then, that business owners and marketing heads do everything they can in order to ensure that they are optimizing these advertisements to get the best possible returns. Here are seven… Read more »

A detailed guide to creating a successful print ad campaign in today’s digital world

Yes, print ads are effective just like online ads – only they work in different ways. One issue for digital ads today is that that Google has adblocking software now. So if you are looking to bombard customers, some advertisements will still be displayed, but nowhere as many as there… Read more »

A Brief History of Traditional and Print Advertisement

What is traditional advertisement? People mean different things when then talk about “traditional advertisements”. Sign posts, newspapers, magazines, print media. These are all powerful media for marketing and advertising. Unfortunately, traditional advertising is considered to be antiquated by some in the post-digital world. This couldn’t be far from the truth,… Read more »

Newspaper flyers vs other print advertisements: an honest look

Let’s face it. Any form of print advertisement is designed with a goal in mind to get a message out. How it is done can be based on the company’s personal preference, the direction they want to follow, the industry they are in, and most importantly the company’s budget. Newspaper… Read more »

Here’s how expert marketers create digital outdoor advertising campaigns

When starting a digital billboard campaign, it can be difficult to know where to start, what to consider and who to contact. For any advertising campaign to be successful, you need to reach the right people who will buy your product or service. You must make sure the billboard is… Read more »